Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back from Texas!

                      Trip to Texas!

     I am back from my travels, for a while, anyway!  I have been to Texas to teach, see old friends, and to make some new ones!

     I joined the ladies of the Heart of Texas (the HOT ladies, for those of you who like acronyms!), in Waco for 2 days of classes!  This catch-all was the favor that Shirley Ganske made for all of the attendees - perfect for everyone who sews or stitches!  The Brazos River is one of the 2 main rivers in Waco.

     They have a wonderful library that lets them use the meeting rooms for meetings and classes.

     You can see everyone getting busy with their patterns for class!

     We did some stitching and sewing on the first day, with everyone working hard!

     The second day, we had several ladies drive down from Austin to join us for some smocking.

     You can see everyone is concentrating and working hard on making perfect stitches!

     It was a great visit - I met several wonderful ladies and caught up with a few friends.  The weather was wonderful - it was early enough in June that it was not too hot or humid.  It was almost like I wasn't in Texas!
     I am home for a while now and will post a bit more through out the summer!  Several new things that are going on!  Perfect Party Dresses should be shipped this week - I will let you all know when they arrive!
Happy Stitching,