Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vaune's Fabric Finds!!!

Please pass this along! 
     I am running into problems when I send out my newsletters!  I am in the process of trying to figure out if it is from the 'sending' point or the 'receiving' point - about 40% of my emails are getting bounced.  It seems to be anyone who has sbcglobal, Comcast, aol, or ends with a .net suffix.  While I attempt to get this taken care of, please feel free to pass along to your friends when I have posted a new newsletter!

     I just posted a quick Fabric Find announcement, which I am posting here as well!  I found 3 great fabrics in LA last week and am passing these along to you.
2 of them are Liberty of London tana lawns, and the 3rd is a purple silk organza with a swirl pattern.  The Liberty's retail at $45, but until they are gone, these are just $30/yd,  (54" wide, 100% cotton)
                                   Blue Liberty of London
Raspberry / Blue Liberty of London
     The Silk organza has a swirl pattern and would make a gorgeous little shrug or an overskirt for a cream or silver dupioni dress, (or an over-blouse for me!)
It is 45" wide and 100% silk, retails for $42/yd and I will have it for $30/yd until it is gone. 

For those of you who don't know about my fabric finds - these are end lots usually from a manufacturer that has used the fabric in a production run and has fabric left over.  (These are coming from clothing manufacturers, NOT fabric mills).  Because this is leftover, I get it at a great price, which I pass along to you.  The only catch is that when it is gone, it is gone and I can't get it at the special price any longer.  I give my newsletter/blog post readers first chance.  If I still have fabric left after a week or so, I will post it on my website, but most of the time it does not make it there.

     If you are interested, just email me ( and let me know how much of which kind you want, along with your phone number. 

Happy Thanksgiving, and
Happy Stitching,