Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On Your Mark...Part 2

                     More Marks

     This is a continuation of marking utensils.  Ina previous post, I went over chalk, wax, tracing wheel/paper, etc.  Today I am going to add a couple of more marking options.

     To start with today, I am going to go with the very basic pencil.  I am showing 2 different pencils here (although they are both mechanical) - one is a regular size lead pencil (blue) and the other looks like a 1st grade pencil (chubby), but it is still a mechanical pencil and it has a thick lead.
     If I am tracing an embroidery design that needs to be done in pencil and with a fine lead, then I use the standard mechanical pencil.  Another option if I need it to be more noticeable is the thick lead option.  I also use this when I am redrawing pattern lines.  

     The best fine tip water soluble (erasable) on the market, and it is made by Clover.  The fine tip really is a fine tip and better yet, these markers last for years, as long as you keep the lid on.  Mine usually last for a couple of years before they wear out.  The other erasable markers that I use dry out in a couple of months, but these last for ever.  Clover also makes a regular tip water soluble marker - looks just like this except the cap is blue like the pen.

     While not technically a pen, it looks like a pen and works on the water soluble markings.  It is a Mist-It pen - sprays a fine mist of steam to make the ink disappear.  Just remember that just because you don;t see the ink, does not mean it is still not there.  You have to actually get the fabric soaking wet in PLAIN water - no detergent!  Rinse and the ink will disappear.  This is also great on water soluble interfacing and thread, if you are trying to make them disappear.

     This brings me to rulers!  When I am drawing pattern lines, I like these C-Thru rulers, for several reasons! 
     First and foremost, is that they are thin and flexible.  I can actually stand them on their side and curve them to measure.  
     Also, because they are thin, I can put the point of my pen right next the the ruler and get and accurate line.  Quilting rulers are much thicker and are made to be used with rotary cutters.  It is harder to get your point right next to the edge, which makes for a less accurate line.
     These rulers come in a variety of sizes, so I have exactly what I need.  I have these in 1" x 6", 1" x 12", 2" x 12", 2" x 18' and 2" x 24".  Depending on what I am doing and where I am going, I can take them along with me, as they are very light and easy to travel with.


      Another thing I love about these rulers is that they are marked in 1/8 inch increments and are very easy to read.  You can see above that I have measured my mini post-it notes and it measures 1.5" (or 1 4/8") on the height.  Since most of the sewing measurements in the US is measured in inches, and eighths of an inch at that, these rulers are perfect!

     While we are on measuring................. this is a nifty little measuring tool that has every small sewing measurement imaginable - 8 measurements in all.  Handy dandy!

     This is a metal ruler with a slide marker - not bendable like the seam gauge. It has the conversions for changing inches to decimals, which comes in handy of you are re-sizing a pattern.

As you can see, there are many tools of the trade!  If they make your life easier, then use them! Besides liking gadgets and notions, if I find something that makes my sewing life easier, faster, or more accurate, then it will find its way into my sewing caddy!

More later, and 
Happy Stitching!

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