Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pretty Whitework plus more.....

    Some things for you to enjoy.....

     I just got back from the Smocking Arts Guild of America national convention in Atlanta!  I had a wonderful time, other than the fact that it was too short!  It is hard enough to try to chat and catch up with everyone.  I am still going through my suitcases, as I am leaving Friday for ETAC (Education in the Textile Arts).  Thankfully, that one is here in SoCal, so no plane rides or long driving, but I still have to wash my clothes and stuff the freezer with cookies for my hubby.  That man can eat and stays skinny as a rail!  I made 100 sugar cookies and 2 big coffie cakes before I left for Atlanta............cookies are gone and there is about a half a coffee cake left in the freezer, so need to refill before I go.
     Normally, I love to bake, but it has been 95+ degrees here every day this week and it is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.  Just thinking about turning the oven on is making me sweat.

     Technically, on Pacific time, it is still Whitework Wednesday, so I am including a few pictures of some embroidered goodies that I got while I was in Madeira.  This is a round doily that is embroidered with bullion roses and padded satin stitch leaves.  It is about 8-9 inches in diameter, and still has the gremio seal attached.
      The gremio (little silver seal at the top right) is attached after the embroidered piece passes inspection by the Madeira Institute of Embroidery.  Only those items that have been embroidered ON the island of Madeira and have passed inspection can have the gremio attached.

     This is the corner of one of the place mats that I purchased on my forst trip.  They have soo many wonderful designs and I could't make up my mind, so I decided to be a bit different and get a variety.  I have 2 different sets of china - a white on white and a white with a blue band.  I figured white on white would coordinate, so I bought 8 different placemat/napkin sets, each of a different design.  I will share them all with you at some point, but here is the first.  The base fabric is white linen, with an organdy insert.

     The napkin is not quite as elaborate - just one organdy insert motif in the corner.  Notice the gremio!

     Enjoy, more next week, and I am off to bed!  For all of you that I saw in Atlanta, I wish that I could have spent more time with you!  You all should come out for one of our Santa Barbara sewing retreats  - lots of chatting AND sewing!

Happy Stitching,


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