Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Hills are Alive......

            With the Sound of Stitching!

     On one of our days, we were invited to travel into the hills to the home of one of the agents.  The agent is the go-between that takes the unfinished goods from the factory and delivers them to her embroideresses in the hills.  She also picks up the work that has been done during the previous week and delivers that to the factory.

     The agent had invited herembroideresses to her house also, and we had a stitchin' party!  We were sitting out in the sun, enjoying their company (even though none of us really understood what the others were saying)!

     They would look at our work (and in my case, a lot of tsk, tsk, tsk was going on), and of course, we watched them stitch!  Their talent is amazing!


     They brought out hats for us to wear so that we would not be bothered by the sun.  Here I am in the middle, sitting next to Becky Busching, of Becky B's (remember her Just for Rosemary pattern?  So sad that it is out of print).

     Here is the cutest little girl, learning her craft at her mother's knee.

     Some intense stitching going on here!

     We had a wonderful time - the agent was most gracious and the ladies were excited to meet the Americans!  We learned as we were (trying) talking to them, that most of them do not own many embroidered pieces - even though they can do the work beautifully, the linen was very expensive, so they did not tend to stitch a lot of pieces for themselves!

     I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am!  I am going to be at the EGA convention in Santa Fe, NM next Wednesday, which is also Halloween.  Once I get back I am home for a while and I know I am being optimitic when I say I will catch up on things, since I know I will have time, once I am home for a while!

     I am also watching my friend's 4 children this weekend, while they go on a little get a way - I will post pictures of Mary Frances and Sammy.  Some of you have taken my Mary Frances Daydress class - the dress was named after Mary Frances.  She has the cutest clothes, most of them smocked, and her mother doesn't sew or smock! 

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Hi Vaune,
    It looks like a wonderful trip, but where and when was it? Have fun at the EGA conference - no stitching travel for me this year, sadly.