Sunday, November 11, 2012

A is for Aficot!

         What is an Aficot, you say?!

     I am snug and cozy here at our sewing retreat in Santa Barbara.  It is past my sewing bedtime (that is when I sew sleeves on insideout, etc.), so I thought I would post!
     Many years ago, when I was just a babe, I took a class at a SAGA convention from Nina Richardson.  She did different kinds of handwork and embroidery.  She had a tool called an aficot, which is a burnishing tool.  You would use it on satin stitch to rub the agains the base of the stitches and it really smoothed out the stitches and gave them a nice sheen.  The aficot fit perfectly on your hand and was hand carved by some guy in Texas, and of course, as we all do in class, we wanted to get his information so we could order one.  Alas, he was retiring and not carving anymore, so I was aficot-less.
     Every couple of years, I would think about that class and the aficot and wonder if I could find one, but no luck (and this was before the internet).
     Jump forward to present day.............about 10 days ago, I was in Santa Fe, NM, for the EGA Seminar Trading Post.  The table next to mine had all these beautiful tools that were hand carved. 
     I was in Santa Fe, NM, 10 days ago for the EGA Trading Post.  I have never been to an EGA function before - I met some wonderful people and saw some friends, and hope to go again.  The table next to mine had all of these had carved tools - stiletto's and such.  I was talking to Michael and his wife and mentioned how I would love to have an aficot and did he carve them, and TahDah!  There was a tray of aficots on his table.

     I started telling him about Nina and the guy from Texas, and lo and behold, the old guy was Michael's uncle!!!  Well needless to say, I was happy as a clam.  I bought my aficot and put it in my bag to take home and it is sitting on my cutting table.  Who knows when I will use it, but it is there for whenever I need it!
   Now for the good news - if you are in the market for an aficot, or any kind of carved needlework tool, Michael is NOT about to retire.  You can view his items at    I don;t believe you can order on the website, but you can see everything, in all of the different wood options, and then email or call to place an order.  Please tell them that I sent you!

     Here are couple more of his tools.  This is a King Henry VIII laying tool - each aspect of the carving represents something.  The 6 rings represent the 6 wives, etc.
          This is the spiral carved laying tool, another beautifully carved item.   The ladies were flocking around his booth. If I need one of these, I know where to go!
Hope you are all well, especially those of you in the Northeast - between Sandy and the next storm, you have all been in my thoughts.  Until next time,
Happy Stitching,



  1. What a wonderful story and "find" Vaune!

    1. I am excited - now I have to think of what I can stitch so I can use it!