Monday, April 1, 2013

Priscilla, April, 1921

          I am sitting here, looking over at my sewing machine and itching to sew, but I am in the middle of running the mock registration for the SAGA Convention (yes, it opens on May 1, only a month away).  I need to take a break, and since I don't really have time to sew, I thought this would be fun!

                  Remember when.......

     Not really, but I do love looking through these old magazines!

     This is a Modern Priscilla Magazine from April, 1921.  This was the Good Housekeeping of the day, with articles covering needlework, housework, garndening, style, fiction and of course, advertisements!
     One of the articles is about crocheted and tatted edgings. 
     Here are some of the tatted edgings that they showed - an edging and 2 different insertions - absolutely gorgeous!


     Two more examples - again, an edging and an insertion, that are used in camisoles

and slips.  Again, gorgeous work!
     This article is a How to - instructions on how to make your own dress form at home!  No duct tape back then!

     A very cute little advertisement for Wright's Bias Fold Tape, still sold today.  There were also ads for Campbell's Tomato Soup, Fels-Naptha soap, Crisco and Mazola corn oil, among others.

     For the modern woman, 2 days of recipes to host meals for 6 Adults.  As you can see, this is a woman who watches her pennies - the average cost per meal per person is a mere 17 cents for one day, only 14 cents for another.

     Here is a handy dandy little notion - as you can see, it is made to hold different colors of thread for your sewing and basting needs!

     More helpful information.  It seems that inferior fabric is not just a problem now.  I have copied over the cotten and linen info.  There are 2 sets of test - those you can do in the store, and those that you can do at home.

     Inferior threads, sizing added to 'cover' inferior weaving, tests for mercerization...............some of the things to watch out for.

     The same information for linen.  It is nice to know that we always look for fine quality in fabric!

     Finally, a few examples of patterns for sale for cutwork designs.

I hope you have enjoyed this stroll down memory lane!  I will be going though my stash to share more of these treasures as time goes by.

Happy Stitching,




  1. Loved this post. I can not get over how this menu had you cooking for SIX hours and 20 minutes! Imagine. Makes me love my life that now appears pretty carefree!

  2. Wish I had TIME to spend 6 hours cooking - but i would spend it stitching instead!