Friday, April 26, 2013

Threads Magazine and Smocking

Smocking is making a comeback!

                    Cover of current issue of Threads - #167
     My newest issue of Threads Magazine (#167) arrived in the mail today - I had been anxiously awaiting to see..................  there are many great articles, including one on sewing in France, along with names and addresses of many shops that sewers and stitchers would be interested in.  The article that I was really looking forward to is an article called "Smock a bodice - Delicate stitches pleat fabric for shape and texture". 
     Last month in Vogue magazine, there was also an article on smocking.  (Thanks, Barbara Meger, for the heads up!).  When I was looking through the last issue of Threads, I noticed in the 'In Our Next Issue' that smocking was listed.  I got in touch with the editor's assistant (who was lovely) and told her about Smocking Arts Guild of America, and what a wonderful reference we are to anyone who loves smocking.  She agreed that would be useful information to include in the article, and while she couldn't promise anything...
     As soon as I got it out of the mailbox, I flipped through, found the article, and there it was - "for more on smocking, visit Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA) at"

                             Back cover of Threads #167

     One of the neat features of Threads is the back cover.  In each issue, they take an incredible garment (can be because of design, embroidery, details, etc.) and give a whole view of the garment and an up close view of the garment.  Many years ago (and I am dating myself here), the back cover picture was of a pleated piece from Sarah Douglas.  The detail that made it so incredible was the way she pleated it.  She started with a regular piece of fabric that was on grain, but as she pleated it, she torqued the fabric left and then right so that when it was finished, the PLEATS were in a zigzag pattern.
     A plug here for Threads.......... I have a LOT of magazines!  I hate to throw them away and love them for ideas, reference, and eye candy.  Unfortunately, I don't have room for as many magazines as I'd like, so I have had to pare down.  One of the things that I really like about Threads is the options that they have for their subscriptions.  They do have the option of e-subscriptions (ipads, kindles, I  think).  They also have Threads Insider, which is an additional $12, I think, but you get emails every couple of weeks with 'extras' - the last one was a picture tutorial on how Kennith King lines his jackets.  Well worth the money!
     Threads has really good construction instructions (can anyone say 'conjunction junction'!), that are perfect for those of you who want to incorporate smocking into clothes that you make for yourselves!  Smocking is not just for children!!!

Go out and get yourself the latest copy of Threads - you won't be disappointed!  I am personally cutting out the article on Sewing in Paris for my Bucket List folder!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Thank you, Vaune. So glad they included SAGA in such an important way!

  2. Let's make smocking the norm! We are seeing snippets of smocking in soome of the 2013 runway shows!

  3. I have been aching to see this issue ever since smocking was mentioned. Let's have more! and more heirloom, too! Threads may be the vehicle to pick up some of the slack dropped by SB.

  4. I hope so too. Smocking has been seen in many of the fall Runway collections, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that with the birth of the new little Prince or Princess this summer that we will see a resurgance of smocking!