Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School in Boston!

              Back to School in Boston!

     Boston in August - hot and humid?  Not last week!  It was abnormally nice for August - the temps were in the mid 80's, and the humidity was not too bad.  As you can see here, on Friday night, I even had my jacket on. This is me and my daughter Annie (Junior at BU) in the North End last Friday night.
     Emma and I took a red eye to Boston last Monday.  We got in Tuesday morning and Kathy Dacey (dear heart that she is) picked us up at the crack of dawn and took us back to her house for a nap before we started our day.
     We drove up to Worcester Tuesday afternoon and moved most of Emma's things into her dorm.   *DingDingDing* - we hit the jackpot and got to move in her things early on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, since we live more than 500 miles away.  Her roommate was already there - she is a cute, tall little thing from Denmark - so the room was already a little homey!
     We stopped at Target for the necessities and then headed back to Kathy's to spend Tuesday night.  Wednesday was official check in day and the beginning of Freshman Orientation.  They had several sessions for parents to go to, such as:

Security on Campus
Your Child Letting Go

     I did not go to any of these.  For one thing, this is the fourth (and last) child that I will be taking to college, so we have been there, done that.  If I really had concerns about the Campus safety, I would surely not wait until I had already dropped my child off to address them!  And my child has been stomping at the bit to go away and be on her own - I think this is more for the parents, to try to get them to stop hovering (have you heard of helicopter parents?) and letting the kids go on about the business of growing up and becoming adults.  Besides, I spent the afternoon at Clark Tech support, trying to get Emma's old (7 years, which is ancient in the computer world)  laptop to go online (after many different tweaks, they could not).  Her 'real' laptop battery died the day before we left for Boston, so my hubby ordered another one, installed the dual boot software, and it is already shipped and on its way. To bad, so sad, she will have to be without internet access on her computer for a week.  Of course, she still has her phone and many computers in the library that she can use. 
     We then went to a little reception for the kids and parents before their dinner and then we were gone!  She had 4 days of intensive Freshman O - she was exhausted, btu loved it and is settling in for her first week of class.  I would include some pictures, but she would not let me take any of her/the school/her dorm room, etc., so we are pictureless.

    Annie had been home to CA for 3 weeks and she left to go back to Boston the day after Emma and I.  I met her and her friends on Friday night and we went to the North End to Regina's Pizza (EXCELLENT pizza), and it was also St. Anthony's Feast. 

                                         Regins'a Pizza

     One of the Feast streets!  Lots of delicious food!

     We watched a chef make homemade gnocchi with ricotto and squash - MMMMM!

     Lots of little parades while we were walking around!

                                Statue of St. Anthony

     It was a wonderful evening - Annie has wonderful friends!  It is so nice to watch your children become wonderful adults and see them make good choices and be happy with their lives!

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  1. Hey! Love your blog! I thought that Emma and my Jack were the same age? Jack is 18 and a senior in hs (we held him back). You are moving them through quickly! We are still struggling to get an acceptable ACT score! Alabama was his first choice, but that is not going to happen. My husband Bob (a Western grad) and me (a Murray grad) are pulling Jack apart on schools. He wants to be at Murray with his sister and Bob is saying "no way". Jack seems to have no say. Arnt we great parents??

    Hugs! Janie