Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christmas in July!

            Christmas in July!

    While I certainly do not like to rush Christmas, I have my own little tradition of Christmas in July!  I put on my all time favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, and think about Christmas and what I might be making.

     From "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" to "Sisters"

to "White Christmas" and snow at the end, I sing along and look at fabric and make lists and do some sewing.  It makes me think I am getting a jump start.  I use some of my stash and think about my family.  I have always lived far away from my family.  I am in California, my hubby's family is in Arizona, and my family is mostly in Kentucky.  We don't get back for Christmas very often, so this is a nice way to think about them!

     My first project (simple and sweet!) is a pillowcase for my brother, Jeff.  While he is not a kid, he is crazy for M&M's.  He teaches high school math, from Basic Math to Calculus, and always manages to incorporate M&M's into the math lessons.  One year, before 'theme' M&M's were available for every occasion, he had the kids create their own holiday M&M's.  At this time, there were only Christmas and Halloween M&M's.  One of the students bought several bags of M&M's and picked out all of the blue ones.  Then he took a knife and cut off all the round edges and made dreidels for Hanukah M&M's!  Very creative! 

     Project #2 is this cat tote, for my mother-in-law (can you tell she loves cats?!).  This was actually a quilt panel that I bought with my MiL in mind, but I cut it in half to use it for the outside of the bag.  The pink polkadot fabric was from Cary's, a clothing manufacturer that made beautiful clothes that used to be in The Wooden Soldier and Storybook Heirlooms catalogs.  When they went out of business 16 years ago, we flew up to Berkeley, where they were located, and were able to buy fabric and clothing for a song.  This fabric was well aged before I finally cut into it!
     After finishing the pillowcase and the bag, watching the music, and making my list, it was time to come back to the real world. I have my faithful list (and I am a list person), some Christmas songs humming around in my head, some stash fabric checking out (can't only have it coming in!),  and 2 presents and counting.  A productive day.

Happy Stitching!

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