Friday, July 4, 2014

What's In My Bag?

Here is hoping you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!  I am proud to live in the best country in the world!

Tools of the Trade

     Now that I have sewing machine, I am starting a blog series on the tools that I use.  These are the things that I keep in my bag and that I use all of the time when I am sewing and stitching!

     You can see one side of my bag here - the most obvious things are the needles and the point turner.

     On the other side, you can see paper scissors, my heirloom (small) button hole cutter and my Dust It. 

     A view from the top - my scissors case and my box of Wonder Clips to name a few things!  I am going to pull each item out of my caddy and tell you what it is and where and why I use it.  Hopefully, you will be introduced to a few new things and get a couple of new ideas on tools that can make your sewing life easier!
     I am going to start with one of the most basic things - needles!

     My first pack of needles is an 8 Crewel (also called embroidery).  This is a needle with a graduated barrel and is usually considered the basic smocking needle.  It has an oval eye and holds 3 strands of stranded floss easily.

          The next pack is a Crewel needle as well, but a smaller needle (remember in hand needles, the smaller the number, the larger the needle).  I use this as an option when I am doing basic embroidery stitches with only 1 strand of floss.

     The 28 Tapestry has a blunt point and is my favorite needle when I am doing the pin stitch or point de Paris on loose weave fabrics, such as linen.  They are very fine, and can bend easily, but these needles make it so easy to push through threads.

     An 8 Milliner is a straight barrel needle with a round eye.  This is my go to needle for bullions - I am never without it!

 Next is a 7 Sharp, which is a good needle to use with floche, as it has a round eye, which is less stress on the floche fibers.  I use it for granitos and cutwork.

          Last but not least is a 10 Sharp.  This needle is smaller than the 7 Sharp and is perfect for hemming!  It can pick up 1 or 2 threads of the fabric very easily, making an almost invisible hem.  Try it, you'll like it!

Keep in touch, and I hope you enjoy this!

Happy Stitching!



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  1. I also couldn't do without my point turner and wonder clips. I use them for my summer sewing camp. See my series here: