Saturday, February 9, 2013

Doll Show finds...........

        Irene's Treasures!

    I just got back from our Snata Barbara Sewing retreat - much needed, and much appreciated!  There were 8 of us (including 3 from the Bay Area) that stitched and sewed and gabbed, and of course, watched the Super Bowl at one point or another!
     Iren Thomas brought some treasures that she found at a doll show that she had gone to and graciously allowed me to take pictures to share!
      First up is a beautiful bonnet - lace on the bottom and a turn back brim.  the bonnet has some gorgeous featherstitch!

     This a closer view of the featherstitch. Irene says when she goes to the doll shows, she takes her time and hunts through the boxes on the booths, as you never know what you are going to find. 

          A better view of the bullion flowers.  I believe this bonnet was a bargain at just a couple of dollars.  Sometimes patience and perseverence pays off!

     More featherstitch on the crown of the bonnet!

     This is a cute little trim - tiny rikrak is rolled and whipped to the edge of a strip of fabric (looked like a batiste to me).  She found a card of about 2-3 yards of this.

     This baby gown has embroidery aroung the bottom of the skirt - looks like it machine made, but from the turn of the century.  Not al lot going on at the neckline, but the bottom of the skirt is gorgeous!

     Little embroidered flowers dot the skirt.

     Close up of the embroidery motif - granitos, eyelets, padded satin stitch.

     Last but not least, a little dress - looks like about a size 12 - 18 months.  It has smocking across the front, and the collar has a piexe of ruffle that is rolled and whipped to the edge of the collar.  Very interesteing technique!

     Hope you are enjoying some stitching time!  For those of you in the Northeast, stay warm and dry!  Annie has been sending pictures - she and her friend went out and made snow angels yesterday.  The webcam at March square is on the top of her building, so we are watching!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful treasures!

  2. Of course - it is eye candy, and I'd rather see it than eat it!