Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sewing and Stitchery Expo...Part 1

         Puyallup, 2013,
         Here I Come!!!

     The Sewing and Stitchery Expo starts Thursday, Feb.27th. If you ever have the chance to attend, DO IT!  It is a sewer's dream!

     I drive to Washington and you never can tell what the weather is going to be like, and if it going to snow.  It is about a 16 hour drive (one long day if I leave early), and since I never know if the weather will slow me down.
      My suburban is stuffed like a sardine can, down to the passenger seat!

     I have a bagful of books on CD from the library, and I am ready to go.

     16 hours and 2 books later, I arrive at the hotel.  No snow, no rain, and the weather is actually 'warm' for here, for this time of year (50's).

     Now it is unloading time.  I checked in to my empty booth - an empty canvas.

     First come the shelves...............
     Then bags and suitcases............

Mix with 4 hours and tah dah!

     Treadleart is the booth to my right...........
     Islander Sewing Systems is the booth to my left.
And here it is!  I am back to my hotel, and I just had a bowl of chicken noodle soup (drizzly outside - perfect night for soup).  I am going to finish folding and putting together my 'Fat' fat quarters of gingham (18"x30" instead of 18"x22"), which will also be in my next newsletter, which I am also working on.  I will be going to pick up Tawn Hunka and Susanne Brisach from the airport in a bit - they are staying with me and will help me in my booth while I am teaching.  Hopefully, they will be taking some classes and I can be a student vicariously through them!
     I will be posting again - I am going to try to go around and take pictures of some of the booths.  You can not make it through the whole thing in a day - if you really look, it is hard to do it in 2, and that is wothout taking any of the classes that are going on throughout the day.  Sewing (adult, children, home dec), quilting, patterns, fabric (Vogue Fabrics from Chicago is here, as well as a couple of booths that have great woolens, and Pendleton, of course), trims, dolls, all the major sewing machine companies, sewing notions, Nancy Zieman, Sandra Betzina............and the list goes on!  It is a great place to get your creative juices going!
I have to get back to work..............
Happy Stitching,


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  1. I just looked at the brochure and everything looks wonderful! Post lots of pictures, please!