Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fabric is Like Fine Wine

Fabric is like fine wine...........
It has to age properly before it can be cut!

     It is still in the 'worse' stage (as in it has to get worse before it gets better).  I have started organizing the drawers, and already I am wondering if I will have enough room.  Yes, I did go through and cull fabrics.  Many charity organizations now have an infusion of fabric to speed them on their way!
     Presently, I am organizing several different ways.  My basic cottons are organized by patterns.  This is my floral drawer.

     This is my stripe and polka dot drawer, with some cupcake and candy fabric thown, along with a couple of other 'themed' fabric.

     Christmas is always fun - many of these fabrics have been aging nicely.  I also have some Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter fabric here, but alas (or oh! goody!, depending on how you look at it) I just foung another box of Christmas fabric, so I thin this drawer will be totally dedicated to Christmas and I will have to rearrange the other holiday fabric.
     I also have a drawer of silks, a drawer of wool and a drawer of nice shirting cottons that I have picked up at Mood (both in LA and NYC) and BJ's Fabrics.
     Stay tuned for more......................

Happy Stitching,

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