Friday, July 20, 2012

Girls and Their Dolls!

Girls and Their Dolls.....From times Past

This the cover from the May, 1911 edition of "The Modern Priscilla" magazine.  Thankfully, even today you can find little girls palying with their dolls.  It is hard to see, but on the floor next to them is fabric, scissors, and thread.  I love to look through these old magizines!  It always amazes me to think that some of these are over 100 years old!  And while many things in our world have changed, it is nice to see that some things stay the same.

   Embroidery for the Wee Baby!  I tried scanning this in a few times on different settings, to no avail - the picture in the magazine is black and white, so the detail is hard to see, but the front of this is all embroidered in white.  Very sweet!

Here is a page of Peerless Patterns that is being advertised.  I am soooo glad that women's styles have changed!

Another page of Peerless Patterns advertisement.  Check out the Christening gown with the lace insertion and tucks.  Still beautiful and stylish today!

This regular column, Mother and Child, was conducted by "a Mother" and the Motto is:  "By Loving We Learn to Lead".  My favorite is the Education of the Backward Child.  So many of the ideas then are relavent today.  One of the comments is that some shildren can not remember what is told them because they are not used to thinking.  I sub at our local schools and many of today's parents should read this!

     Another great article," Keeping Your Child Happy" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.  The point of this article is that children develop and learn through play and constructive play (the opportunity to make and do) makes them the happiest.  I wish today's parents would take note!
     I was down in the garment district today - worked on my patterns and went to a new shop called Richard the Thread.  More about that next time!

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