Sunday, July 22, 2012

Richard the Thread

                          Richard The Thread

     I found what I wasn't even looking for the other day!  I am taking a class and needed a big sheet of wax tracing paper.  After a few posts from the teacher and students, figured out that I can get it in the NY Garment District (I wish), or Richard the Thread, which is in LA.  If you order, minimum is 9 sheets, which would last me 3 lifetimes.  Since I had to go to the LA Garment District to work on my patterns, I decided to take a detour and stop in.  Look what I found!

     Where the name Richard The Thread came from, I don't know, but the store is as unusual as it's name.  It carries supplies for corsets, millinery and costumes. 

     Many of their customers are theaters and costume makers.  They have many products that are 'nuts and bolts' type of things.  For example, in their Hook and Eye section, they have:
TuTu Hooks
King Henry's Hook
Falstaff Hook
Pavarotti Hook
4 Pelican Hook
Nuevo Laredo Hook
along with your basic Skirt Hook and Pant Hook!

     They have busks and boning for corsets, magnetic closure strips (which have warning messages along the twill tape - NOT TO BE NEAR ANYONE WEARING A PACEMAKER!) FYI - boning are the vertical supports in the corset or strapless gowns.  Busks are the closures (see picture above).  They are made from 2 corset bones with hooks on one side and eyes on the other.

     They also have fabrics you don't often see - buckram, horse hair braid, haircloth, French Collar Canvas.  They have a crimper for aglets, and supplies for hoops.

                             Word of the Day
     An aglet is usually metal or plastic and is crimped to the end of a lace or a ribbon to keep it from ravelling.  When they were used in the times before buttons, they could be ornamental and be made of gold, silver, or glass.

     Richard the Thread also has several period patterns:
Gothic, Renaissance, Elizabethan (shown above), Restoration, Bustle, Civil War, Victorian, Edwardian, etc.
     My mind was buzzing as I walked around.  Most everything was in drawers and boxes, but they did have some beautiful heavy brocade ($50 / yd), but too heavy for anything I am going to be doing in the near future.  I now know where to go when ever I ma looking for anything like this.  It sure would be fun to play with some of this stuff!

Happy Stitching!

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